Water Conservancy

Shunxin has developed an environment-friendly water conservancy industry that integrates water conservancy and hydropower, environment-friendly projects and landscaping. The company has the qualifications of Class-B water conservancy and hydropower projects, Class-B general contracting projects on civil engineering construction. Shunxin also owns Beijing Xin Dayu Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd., who is qualified for river engineering, dike engineering and Class-A sinking operations.

Beijing Xin Dayu Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. is also qualified to contract for Class-B environment-friendly projects and pollution control projects. Now it is a member of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) and Beijing Association of Environmental Protection Industry. It is mainly engaged in the design and construction of environment-friendly projects, apart from which it also provides counseling service for pollution control facilities and environmental technologies.

Shunxin owns Beijing Shunxin Oasis Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd, who has Class-A qualifications in the field of landscaping. It has accumulated rich experiences in terms of landscape construction, golf course construction, ecological restoration, vertical planting and the research and production of seedling, lawn and ground cover. With strong contracting competence, it has completed many landscaping projects for governments and giant enterprises.