Real Estate

Committed to becoming an investment-based holding group, Shunxin   has effectively integrated its quality resources and established an environment-friendly construction industry encompassing Class-A land development, real estate development and property management. The company has a variety of qualifications, including Class-A land development and Class-A real estate development. Shunxin Group has developed many projects like Sun Park, Shunxin Lake Park, Shunxin Flower City, Shunxin Bright Garden, Shunxin Tide Park, Shunxin International Business Center, Shunxin Fuhai Village, Shunxin Confucius International Exchange Town in Qufu (the hometown of Confucius in Shandong), Shunxin Huaxi Pavilion and Shunxin Pan-Universe Center. The area of completion has exceeded 2 million square meters. Shunxin Group also takes an active part in the construction of economical and applicable community in the new countryside, the housing projects among which well advocate the modern architectural concept of “Well-built House, Well-behaved Neighborhood”.