Agricultural Products

Centering on the development direction of “Superior Logistics, Strong Market, Speed Circulation”, Shunxin Group is committed to becoming the pioneer and leader in agricultural product logistics. Through a series of complete production processes including “the Base—R&D—Quality Inspection—Production—Cold Chain Distribution” and by its world-class hardware conditions, Shunxin has guaranteed its product quality, which is the core competence for long-term development.

Shunxin has a “national wholesale market” designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is the largest wholesale market for agricultural products in northeast Beijing. The self-heating soup products developed by Shunxinare listed in the procurement catalogue of Logistics Supplies Bureau of Chinese People’s Liberation Army and National Emergency Relief Committee. With the growth of e-commerce, Shunxin Group is striving to build an e-commerce platform undertaking the entire agricultural product chain, whereby all links from farmland to dining table are effectively connected, so as to provide safe, healthy and quality agricultural products for consumers.