Meat Processing

Adhering to the concept of “Food is the top priority for people and safety is the top priority for food”, Shunxin spares no efforts in assisting the development of Beijing’s “Vegetable Basket Project”. With a complete industrial chain of meat processing and an annual slaughter capacity of 3 million hogs, Shunxin boasts of the largest single-factory slaughter volume in China and is the largest production base of safe meat products in Beijing, whose live and fresh products take up over 45% of the Beijing market. At present, Shunxin Group has 4,300 sales outlets and the largest single cold storage in north China with the capacity of 40,000 tons, ranking top four in this industry in terms of comprehensive strength. Integrating hog breeding, raising, slaughtering, meat processing and cold chain distribution, Shunxin Group strictly controls all production links from the beginning to the end to effectively ensure product quality.

Shunxin owns the first national hog breeding farm in Beijing. It has established more than 200 breeding bases across the country, and all boars of the “Xiaodian” brand are imported directly from countries like the United States, Britain, France and Denmark.